Mother’s Day 2017

Mother’s Day Brunch

Available until 3pm


Bärlauchcremesuppe… ramp cream soup with asparagus and ham chips

Spargelpfannekuchen… crepe filled with asparagus and dill cream

Wachseiersalat… breaded and fried soft boiled egg green, white and purple asparagus, fava beans, arugula pesto


Groestle… Bavarian style breakfast of roasted potatoes, dumplings, bacon, and chicken, topped with a fried egg and gravy

Bayerischer Käsepudding… savory cheese and bread pudding, wild garlic, poached egg, graved salmon, asparagus

Frühstücksplatte… typical German breakfast: German cold cuts, cheese, jam, honey, butter, a five minute egg and a pretzel roll

Belegte Waffel… savory beer waffle sandwich with corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese OR ham, fried egg, cheese, tomato, pickle, whole grain mustard with mixed green salad

Cafe Berlin Benedict… on a potato rösti with house graved salmon or Westfalian ham, served with mixed greens drizzled with honey-lime vinaigrette

Schwartzwalder Waffel… chocolate waffles, black cherries, sweetened whipped cream

*Gefüllte Schweinefilet… pork tenderloin, stuffed with crab meat, asparagus, sauce béarnaise

*Spargel Risotto… green, white and purple asparagus, pea shoots, ricotta salata

*Schäfer Pfanne… ground lamb, peas, asparagus, carrots, corn, mashed potatoes

*Spargel mit Hollandaise und Salzkartoffel… white asparagus, new potatoes, hollandaise, with veal, pork or chicken schnitzel


Your choice from our house made cakes, tarts and desserts.

Coffee or Tea