Oktoberfest 2022 Pig Roasts

September 24th and October 8th

Reserve your table at out special seating from noon-3pm.

Spanferkel… Spit roasted pig with traditional sides, apfelstrudel and 1L of Oktoberfest bier for $55

We will start welcoming guests at noon, the pig will be served around 1pm with the last entrees served at 2:15. We will be offering a small appetizer menu along with the Spanferkel but will not be offering our a la cart menu.  We will do our best to accommodate those wishing to stay longer than the special seating, but will be accepting reservations for and beginning our regular dinner service at 3pm.  Please plan your arrival time accordingly.

When making reservations on Open Table, ensure you are selecting the location where you wish to be seated.  Outdoor tables will be labeled “outdoor” and indoor tables will be labeled “regular,” “bar,” or “high-top.” It is unlikely that we would be able to change the location of your reservation once it is made.  In the event of inclement weather, outdoor reservations will be notified and we will attempt to accommodate your reservation indoor or prepare your meal and beer for carry-out.

We currently require a credit card to confirm ALL reservations.  This allows us to best serve all guest that wish to dine with us. With limited seating and reservations in high demand, taking a credit card to confirm reservations allows us to continue to operate, keep our staff employed and serve as many customers as possible. In these times, a no show reservation is a missed opportunity for our staff and most importantly for another guest to enjoy our Oktoberfest.