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Our passion for culinary excellence shines through in every made-from-scratch creation

Over the last almost 30 years Café Berlin has become a Capitol Hill in institution. Opened in 1985 by German born friends who met while working at another local German restaurant, under current owners Rico Glage and Clytie Roberts-Glage it remains a meeting place for Congressional Staffers, neighborhood friends and tourists alike. Café Berlin features the best patio on the Hill, traditional German dishes and seasonal menus made from locally grown ingredients.

In the early eighties Irene Khashan from near Rothenburg aub de Tauber, and Peggy Reed from Lübeck met, became friends and took on the challenge of opening an authentic German restaurant on Capitol Hill. They accomplished this, initially with no staff, doing cooking, cleaning and serving themselves. Flash forward to 2007 Rico Glage comes from Germany to work for a year at Café Berlin where Clytie Roberts-Glage takes a job as a server after working on the Hill for 5 years.

Rico comes from the village of Reinberg in northeastern Germany along the Baltic coast. Clytie is from Killeen, Texas, home to Fort Hood. Both come from food backgrounds. Rico’s mother was a Chef. Clytie grew up in the restaurant and bar business. They married in 2009 before moving back to Texas for two years. When Peggy and Irene decided to retire, Clytie and Rico were offered the opportunity to buy the restaurant. They took over in February 2013.


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