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September 6, 2014

Best of Berlin

Zee Germans. They do some things (most things) well and not by accident. Soccer, automobiles and any kind of meat dish are all examples of exacting German accomplishment. Capitol Hill’s Café Berlin keeps strong the German tradition of gourmet carnivorism by offering a menu of beef and pork that would make a butcher blush. Forewarning: You are not walking away without eating a sausage.

Found in the delightful row of alfresco restaurants off Massachusetts Avenue NE, Café Berlin serves classic German cuisine made from scratch. With native German chefs working the kitchen, the restaurant provides an authentic taste of the Deutschland that will more than satisfy your daily protein intake.

In the open-air seating area, guests enjoy glimpses of the Capitol Hill foot traffic while also a degree of trellised privacy from enclosing hedges. The patron mix ranges from Hill types unloosening their collars at happy hour to neighborhood couples stepping out for a bite.


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Published on August 11, 2014 by runindc.com

Written by Richard Barry

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