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May 23, 2014

Well Nourished

February 17th marks the celebration of the first anniversary of Café Berlin’s new owners, Clytie Roberts-Glage and Rico Glage.  Located a few steps from Union Station, this Capitol Hill mainstay of almost 30 years serves classic and modern German cuisine.

Clytie Roberts-Glage is a native of Killeen, Texas, a small city with a sizable first-generation German population.  While her ethnic background isn’t German, her dad spent his high school years in Germany. After college she moved to Washington to live and work on Capitol Hill. In 2007, after being a loyal Café Berlin customer, she went to work at the restaurant, building a relationship with then-owners Irene Khashan and Peggy Reed.

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Published 02/03/2014 at HillRag.com

Written by Annette Nielsen

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