Have you ever dreamed on dining in 1920s Berlin? How about sitting in a Munich Biergarten drinking a nice Hefeweizen? Maybe a traditional German breakfast in an Alpine village? We may not have the views, but you can save the airfare and get a little taste of Germany at Café Berlin. Join us for dinner in our 1920 style dining rooms. Soak up the sunshine on our patio or join us for Sunday Brunch. Sie sind immer herzlich Wilkommen im Café Berlin.

Cafe Berlin

322 Massachusetts Ave, NE
Washington, DC 20002

Located on Capitol Hill near Union Station and the Library of Congress


Monday - Friday Lunch

11:30am - 3pm

Monday - Thursday Dinner

3pm - 10pm

Friday Dinner

3pm - 11pm

Saturday Dinner

11:30am - 11pm

Sunday Brunch


Sunday Dinner



  • Oktoberfest Kick-off

    Sep 2017
    - 12pm -

    Cafe Berlin kicks off it’s 32nd Oktoberfest celebration on September 16, 2017. In Munich style, we will be tapping the first Oktoberfest keg at noon on Saturday the 16th.  At 1pm, we will feature a special lunch of spit roasted pig with traditional sides and 1L of Oktoberfest bier for $39 until we run out of schwein!

  • Oktoberfest at Cafe Berlin

    Sep 2017
  • Live German Music

    Sep 2017
    - 3pm -

    Live German folk music from Die Drei in our biergarten under our Oktoberfest tent!