Christmas 2020

In light of the new restrictions here in DC, further limiting our dining capacity, we will not be open for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day this year.   The restrictions would not allow us to serve you in the way that our customers, old and new, are accustomed to on a holiday and is not feasible to offer dine in service on Christmas eve or Christmas day.  To be blunt, it does not work financially for our staff or our business.  We know this is disappointing, we have however, put great thought into our “dine at home” Christmas menu.

Place your order before 5pm on Sunday, December 20th and pick up on December 24th between 1pm and 4pm. We will, of course, be including complete instructions for re-heating all of your dishes.

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Frohe Weihnachten

Family-Style Dine at Home

For pick up on Thursday, 12/24 from 1-4pm

Orders must be received by 4pm on Sunday, 12/20



Choice of

Ochsenschwanz Consômme

oxtail consommé, mushroom-tarragon dumplings, sherry

Kartoffel Pfannkuchen

with sour cream and apple sauce

Reh Rückenbraten

smoked venison loin, horseradish remoulade, crushed black pepper, parmesan


Lolla Rosso greens, pomegranate, walnuts, blood orange filets, Humbolt Fog-buttermilk-citrus dressing


Choice of


braised beef, stuffed with bacon, carrot, caramelized onions, kosher pickle; mashed potatoes, & red cabbage


red wine marinated braised beef roast, Bohemian dumplings, red cabbage

Wildschwein Ragout

braised wild boar, roasted root veggies, mashed potatoes, grilled mushrooms


Choice of

Apfelstrudel mit Vanilla Eis

pink lady apples and raisins baked to order in cinnamon specked pastry; served with house-made vanilla ice cream

Schwartzwalder Becher

black cherries, vanilla shortcake, Kirschwasser, chocolate custard, whipped cream

Lebkuchen Mousse

German gingerbread specked mouse with Glühwein cherries

$85 (serves 2)



Christmas Eve Traditions

A new and special addition this year is a traditional German Christmas Eve dinner.  While Rico grew up in the former DDR, I cant count the number of people who have told me of similar meals served on Christmas Eve in other parts of Germany. Rico’s parents decorated the Christmas tree on the afternoon/evening of Christmas eve.  The door to the living room stayed closed until the tree was finished.  After Rico and his brother got to see the tree for the first time, they got to eat a dinner of wiener wurstchen, potato salad, soljanka, bread and butter in the living room in front of the tree with the TV playing German fairytales. This was always such a treat for Rico and his brother. At the end of a hectic day (for the adults), this was an easy meal that the whole family could enjoy.

Wiener Wurstchen… german frankfurters with curry dipping sauce
Soljanka…sweet and sour soup with roasted red peppers, pork, bierwurst, pickles and sour cream
Kartoffelsalat…Northern German-style with mayonnaise, pickles and hard cooked eggs
German Sourdough-rye roll  and butter

Order a 4 and we will throw in a 4-pack of Paulaner Munich Gold Lager or a liter of “heat and serve” Gluhwein